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Strengthening of ANM Schools Namsai

Executing Agency – PWD Namsai

Sl. No. Description   Amount (Rupees in lakhs) Remarks
2 Extension of existing building for New batch of ANM school at Namsai 25 The fresh batch of 20 ANM students will be admitted in the current session for which additional rooms will require to be extended including rooms for the failure students
3 Boundary wall of ANM School, Namsai 45 The hostel building is located near the postmortem building for which necessary boundary wall need to be constructed.
4 Drilling & Overhead Water tank for ANM Schools at Namsai 10 In almost all nursing school hostel the water supply is inadequate for which the provision for drilling & overhead water tank to provide water supply for smooth functioning of the nursing school.
   Total Amount 80.00

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